Providing independence and experience with tangible outcomes

In addition to industry specific software, Projection, along with our Partners, provides specialist services for Enterprises, Projects & Operations across all phases of the project lifecycle.

A key point we want all our Clients and potential Clients to understand, Projection are more than just ‘IT’ or 'Support’. We respect the IT technical area – but these are simply necessary tools that must also be coupled with the right software and services.

We recognise our real value is to work with you, grow and adapt as your business and industry changes, and collaborate with you in both a timely and cost effective manner. We look to engage in proactive relationships, not reactive – and work best with Clients to improve your bottom line performance.


Business Process Design & Improvement

In today’s competitive business environment, at both the Project and Enterprise level, you require processes to enhance visibility, faster turnaround, achieve quality objectives, in a time frame that is efficient and cost effective. Projection Group is able to offer our Clients our expert advice and recommendations gained from a wide international market experience. You can be assured we come with a substantial inventory of business process design and system improvement frameworks and configurations.

Our 20 plus years background improving projects across financial, commercial and workforce allow us to focus promptly in understanding your challenges and sound methods to improve compliance, reduce risk and predict better outcomes on Projects and the parent Enterprise.

Services in this area include comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your existing processes, as well as partial or full process re-design that fully encompasses the specific needs of your enterprise or project. We are also able to offer complete process design and management where required.

Projection also recognise your time pressures and the need to get results promptly and cost effectively, i.e. we are after results just like you.

Troubled Project Assistance

All of us start projects with the best intentions, and an unfortunate fact of life is that many projects get into difficulty, and can test the financial strengths of the parent Organisation.

When a project is in trouble, it typically is not just one problem, but several underlying issues. A key aspect is that the problems were there early, and over optimism and lack of pragmatism simply delay inevitable reckoning. When difficulties arise, we can provide the people, the process and the software, for short or long term reviews, to provide a single source of the truth to the Asset Owner of what is really going on, and work with the Team to turn it around.

Not an existing Client using Scenario Advantage? We can provide a package of services that includes access to the software for the period of the review. If you need independent focused personnel to re-assess and re-process contract package final accounts and achieve tight financial controls, then we are able provide that service.

Project Readiness & Health Checks

You have gone through bankable feasibility study, environmental impact study and a wide range of other detailed analysis – but do you know if the project is really ready?

Our Independent Owners Project Management Consultants can advise you on this. Project readiness and health checks are specialised services that Projection’s Partners provide.

Asset Owners, Financiers, Program and Project Managers, can engage these services to provide a 'snapshot' of the status of a program of investments, or a single project, in order to identify whether the Project is truly ready to begin, and once underway, monitor progress to track performance and target areas that are not performing to plan.

Compliance & Auditability

A key part of our value proposition with Scenario Advantage is the transparency of what is actually happening on your Projects. We want to work and collaborate with organisations who welcome this transparency.

Our information is structured to suit industry application providing you with the evidentiary records to meet your compliance needs regardless of these needs being specified by legislation or internal organisation and commercial requirements.

There is now greater need than ever for easy auditability. Organisations need to have the ability to have structured, reliable, quality data along with the ability to track the source and modifications to the data.

Commercial Controls

One of our original core competencies is commercial controls. Whether your project is $10 million or $10 billion, Projection has extensive experience in project setup, cost reporting, contract administration, resource analysis across a variety of project delivery methods and contractual arrangements. Traditional contracts, NEC3, EPC, EPCM, GMP, Target Cost, Design and Build, Open Book, Cost Reimbursable ……

For example, the absence of an effective change control process can generate problems from day one throughout the project. Changing scope without changing other constraints will place an increased amount of work on a limited amount of resources and time.

We offer an extensive range of high level reporting aimed to provide a clear picture and the drill down capability to focus on problem areas and root cause analysis.

Key features in our software solutions include the use of our Enterprise Information System to manage documents and workflows so that costs are not lost or hidden under layers of emails and documents. Let us show you how we leverage these tools for greater transparency and accuracy.

Implementation & Support

Our Consultants are experts in implementing and supporting our Scenario Advantage software suite. From configuration advice, training, customised training materials suited to your processes, through to support, our team of Consultants are there to help you.

We can also develop enhancements, including developing custom reports, forms, system inputs and historical legacy data migration services.

Do you have existing systems that need to talk to each other? No problem. We can provide interfaces to your existing third-party systems with Scenario Advantage. Examples include ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle Financials, HR Payroll systems, various estimating systems, scheduling software, equipment training simulators, access control systems.


Flexible and sized to your needs

Projection, with their Partners, offer daily, weekly and long term rates for our specialist services. Rates are also based on the service type required from above.

Talk to us today about quoting a service package for your Team, Project or Enterprise.