Deliver and Control Projects

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Through all stages of the project lifecycle, from feasibility to operations, Scenario Projects provides start to finish Project Delivery & Project Controls.

For large to mega developments and infrastructure projects, Scenario Projects provides visibility to the Asset Owners, Financiers, Program and Project Managers of the facts. For Prime Contractors we provide proven and trusted controls that will report the true financial health.

Project Delivery


Whether your portfolio, Joint Venture projects or single project is based on Integrated Project Delivery or more traditional methods, you need one location where you organise and coordinate your designers, consultants, project management team, work package contractors and specialist suppliers.

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Project Delivery

Scenario Project Delivery is ideal for the Owner, Project Portfolio Team and major Prime Contractors tasked with delivering projects within budget. Integrated information – a single source of truth – is a key element in the framework needed to deliver projects.

Scenario Project Delivery is integrated with the Scenario Enterprise Information System and Scenario Project Controls.

  • Single repository of all project information
  • Fully integrated and leverages the Scenario Enterprise Information System and Project Controls
  • Contract Packages – designers, contractors, suppliers – concept plan to final commissioning packages
  • Cost Plan by Packages
  • Budget allocation to commitments – option via workflows
  • Commitment controls
  • Extensive management reporting, and alerts to keep management aware of key changes
  • Progress photo library and timelines
  • Project Manager’s Instructions
  • Forecast final outcome cost by contract package
  • Budgets to the detail level required
  • Funding cost cash flow plan by month along with commitment plan by month
  • Planned Budget Cycles, eg. six monthly budget updates based on latest forecast outturns
Project Delivery

Project Controls

Reducing risk, Delivering a forecasted outcome

Scenario Project Controls is ideal for large projects or a portfolio of smaller projects. Whether you are delivering a power station, large scale rail, road or airport infrastructure, luxury hotels and resorts, property development towers or new mining development – anywhere scope demands proper controls, then we have a start to finish framework.

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Providing comprehensive Enterprise level budgeting, cost management, forecast final cost preparation, Earned Value, Bill of Quantities and extensive cost reporting and inquiry components for your relevant stakeholders and Team.

We also have 20+ years experience on projects across Asia and Middle East – providing templates on best practice project controls.

Scenario Project Controls handles many contracting arrangements, including Integrated Project Delivery, traditional contracts, NEC, EPC, EPCM, GMP, Target Cost, Design and Build, Open Book, Cost Reimbursable, alliances, joint ventures.

  • No matter if Owner or Prime Contractor, you need estimates and budgets - from your estimate, load your WBS/CBS/OBS and Budgets to underpin your control and reporting
  • Administer and plan procurement - from the contract package schedule, to tendering through to contracts including scope change, interim progress payments, advances, retention and contra charges
  • Full budget transfers controls and history for reallocation of funds within project/programme
  • Track and report on key project performance indicators including budget adjustments, budget changes, Contingency, BCWP and ACWP (Cost Performance Index) and forecast final cost
  • Built in Workflows to ensure proper authorisations against agreed Levels Of Authority
  • Project profitability reporting by various international accounting methods
  • Ability to go down to Resource cost management for labour, plant and other assets on EPC and traditional contracts
  • Daily, monthly and adhoc reporting and inquiries. Live reporting using our project dashboards.
  • Comprehensive security controls for your staff and external parties, at both an Enterprise and Project level
  • Run as a fully Cloud hosted or on-premise system – we allow both!

Financial Management

Financials Underpinning your cost Management

Unlike many PPM, PM, EPM and Budget/Cost Management systems, Scenario Project Controls has the option of a full financial management system integrated to the Project Controls & Project Delivery system. No more discrepancies between what is reported by the Finance Team vs the Project Team.

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Financial Management

The general ledger and the project data are the same, delivering accuracy and certainty for financial and project reporting – and we achieve this even when integrating with ERP’s such as SAP. We provide you additional options when considering your financial system.

  • Manage general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and bank reconciliations. Real time cash flow.
  • Multi company, multi-currency, taxes and flexible chart of accounts, including support for very large monetary amounts
  • Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and individual Project Trial Balance, project cash position
  • Full procurement and contract management including advance payments, NSC’s, retentions, contra charges
  • Documents saved against each transaction
  • Workflow approvals
  • Integrate to your Corporate ERP (SAP, Yonyou / UFIDA, Oracle), or run full financial management within Scenario Projects
  • Fixed asset and inventory if needed
  • Run as a fully Cloud hosted or on-premise system – we allow both!


and Sized
to your needs

We recognise that your needs vary, depending on the scope of your project(s), and whether it is in early stages through to full operations. We work collaboratively with our Clients, and our pricing model enables a system to be implemented with a small number of Users, and allow it to dynamically grow with your Enterprise and Project.

We offer the following pricing models:
  • Software as a Service (SaaS).
    Subscription based license, with your data and backups
    secure and managed by Projection
  • On-Premise Perpetual License.
    Upfront, one time license fee, allowing you to install
    in your Enterprise's environment
Talk to us today about the best pricing model for you.